Service Units

Elite Police



Narowal is equipped with the Elite forces that are trained to combat all sorts of crime situations.



Police Qaumi Razakar


The Police Qaumi Razakars help the police in all Police Stations and Headquarter.



Counter Terrorism Department


In 1995, the Criminal Investigation Department was formally created and it operates under the CID Manual, 1937. Starting as a small operational unit, it has now developed into a department having its regional offices all over the Punjab. On 21-07-2010, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) was named as Counter Terrorism Department (CTD).



Punjab Highway Patrol


The main aim to make this force is to safe highways and to change the image of police in people which is becoming monster. PHP Posts were constructed on highways of Province of Punjab. These posts got operationalized on May,2005. Well qualified and trained officials have been posted. A free Helpline 1124 was made by PHP.


Special Branch



Special branch veharis working To become effective eyes and ears of the Government and thus assist it in policy formulation, ensuring security of life & property of the people and maintenance of law and order.



Telecommunication Branch



Telecommunication branch Narowal is also working to for fast communication.




Traffic Police

  • To ensure safety and provide help to road users in distress. It is our commitment to extend due respect to all road users,  be fair and uphold ethical practices all the times
  • To ensure smooth flow of traffic with minimum resources and economical use of manpower / equipments
  • To gradually shift to the use of modern gadgetry to  enforce traffic laws and regulate traffic